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The family centres are an important trademark of North Rhine-Westphalia. Family centres make a substantial contribution towards achieving the aim of turning North Rhine-Westphalia into Germany's most child- and family-friendly state. On this website you will find valuable information and tips on the "Familienzentrum NRW" state programme, and we cordially invite you to learn more about the opportunities offered by the family centres in North Rhine-Westphalia.


The North Rhine-Westphalia Programme

The North Rhine-Westphalia state programme, "Familienzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen", has been launched by the government in a move to develop, by the year 2012, up to 3,000 children's day-care facilities into family centres throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. An ever increasing number of parents benefit from the family centres because these centres offer excellent care and education plus counselling and support to children and parents. Family centres are designed to strengthen parenting skills as well as to improve compatibility of working life and family life. Acting as the hub of a network of family and child welfare services, the family centres are in a position to offer parents and their children advice, information and assistance in all phases of life at an early stage.The special combination of the services provided by the family centres enables

  • the development of children to be promoted individually and comprehensively and educational work to be intensified,
  • language deficits, especially among immigrant children, to be identified sooner and to be reduced systematically on the basis of individual tutoring,
  • children's strengths and weaknesses to be identified at an early stage and parents to be offered tailor-made counselling at the soonest possible moment concerning education, training and healthcare etc.,
  • children's day-care facilities to be developed into places for learning and gathering experience for children and their parents and hence their parenting skills to be enhanced,
  • assistance to be offered to parents in resolving everyday conflicts because such assistance can be provided more immediately and smoothly,
  • immigrant families and educationally deprived families to be better cared for and compatibility of work and family life to be improved,
  • greater flexibility to be achieved in terms of day-care service hours as well as the mix of age groups by extending a variety of provision in partnership with families,
  • provision of care by day-care mothers or fathers to be extended and enhanced,
  • suitable places for exchanges to be established in the neighbourhood.


Location of the Family Centres


"Familienzentrum NRW" – The Quality Seal

From the outset, one of the key objectives of the "Familienzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen" project has been to establish comparable standards for the work of the family centres, thereby ensuring the quality of the family centres. "If you call it 'family centre', it'll have to be exactly that: a centre for families." First and foremost, the quality seal encompasses features that are crucial to the provision of readily accessible services and opportunities designed to foster and support the development of children and families. The quality seal is awarded by an independent external certification body. The quality seal is valid for four years. Family centres that have been awarded the "Familienzentrum NRW" quality seal are entitled to receive public funds in the amount of € 12,000 annually under the North Rhine-Westphalia Child Education (Promotion) Act.